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Athletics is enjoyed by all pupils from Transition to Sixth Form. The school hosts three Sports Days in the Summer Term for Transition and Pre Prep, Prep School and finally, Middle and Senior School. Athletics is at the heart of the house system and is fundamental to the development of movement for all pupils.

Lucton’s membership to the ISA provides pupils from years 4-13 with regional and national competitions. The venue for these events is the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. The children get a remarkable experience performing in an arena where many of the role models have competed and they have seen on TV. Many of our pupils in Year 4-9 make the Midlands teams in a range of events.

Lucton pupils also compete in District, County and Regional Competitions and regularly win events and represent Hereford and Worcestershire in Athletics.

 Middle and Senior Sports Day


Cross Country is the oldest and most quintessentially ‘English’ sporting experience that Lucton offers. The school is proud to boast teams and success in this sport at both the local and regional level and many of our runners make the ISA Nationals year on year. It is a sport that also enables whole school involvement along with house competitions in the form of individual and relay based competition. 

Lucton boasts fantastic open fields, forest and back-roads, as a result, our pupils experience a range of routes and challenges on the school site. Our proximity to Croft Castle and Mortimer Forest gives the more adventurous runner more challenging routes to explore too.

Lucton hosts the biggest Prep School cross-country competition. Its inception was on the schools 300th anniversary and is famously called the Tercentenary Cross Country Championships. Over 600 pupils from 30 schools regularly come to compete from Year 3-6.  Lucton is currently the overall champion and has won the event many times since its inception in 2007.

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