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Why do we study music at Lucton?

music at luctonThat’s an easy question to answer. There are numerous reasons to study music: there’s the emotional engagement, the intellectual stimulation, the act of self-expression, the knowledge gained of other cultures, times and places, and the escape from reality that music provides… The list goes on.

Music is a story which compels and captivates students of all ages and abilities.

Music is a unique subject which combines intellectual training, rigorous investigation and practical exercises. In Music we foster a sense of academic inquiry, aural perception and analysis, and confidence in performance.

In the lower years at Lucton (Prep and Middle School) we focus upon three complementary strands of study: aural skills, history and simple analysis, and performance. At Lucton all pupils are encouraged to sing and to take part in the many and varied extra-curricular performance opportunities that are on offer at the school.

All Year 5 and 6 pupils have free violin or cello lessons.

In the Senior School, Year 9 pupils follow the outlines of the OCR GCSE syllabus and undertake a course of performance, aural analysis and composition designed to equip all student with the potential to continue the subject at a higher level should they wish to do so.

music choir

cathedral music

music violin

In the upper years pupils follow the OCR GCSE, AS and A2 syllabus.

The music department stages regular extra-curricular activities including Pupils’ Concerts, Musical Assemblies and Competitions; activities outside the school have recently included the opportunity for our Prep and Senior Choirs to sing Choral Evensong in Shrewsbury Abbey and many other prestigious venues.