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All pupils in the Middle School have a weekly drama lesson, in which they work on mini-projects exploring key dramatic skills. The emphasis is very much on gaining confidence and developing their talents. At GCSE level, pupils have the opportunity to develop their own interests whilst discovering new skills. They will explore both acting and directing skills, and gain essential technical experience. Practical and theoretical lessons combine to generate a vibrant and creative environment. At A level, students explore a number of plays in great depth, closely linking practice and theory. Practical work is also developed and pupils will work closely as a company to create a final examination performance.

Studying drama requires emotional maturity, and gives pupils a deep understanding of themselves. It can engender a deep sense of self-esteem because it draws on emotions and creativity. It is also a subject that requires a great deal of peer trust, and so plays an important role in teaching communication, listening and empathy skills. These skills are further embedded by LAMDA, which is available throughout the school. LAMDA contributes UCAS points when pupils reach the Bronze, Silver and Gold qualifications.

For all pupils, there is the opportunity to take part in the Middle and Senior School productions each year. We encourage our students to take leading roles, not only on stage but backstage too, where they will learn the skills required of the lighting and sound operators and the stage manager.

Furthermore, pupils will have the chance to go on numerous theatre trips including to London, where they will experience a West End production, as well as a backstage tour of the National Theatre.