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Results 3 girlsOn the first day, you will get to meet your Housemasters and Housemistresses, Matron, your school Form Tutor and the other pupils. You will be shown your room and you will have a chance to start unpacking your clothes etc. One student from your yeargroup will be responsible for looking after you for the first few weeks, making sure you know where to go for lessons, games and how to sign up for activities.

People involved in looking after a pupil at Lucton

  • Houseparents – overall responsibility for looking after boarders' welfare.
  • Matron - health and medical cover.
  • Form Tutor - academic programme, progress and pastoral care in the day.

Academic Programmes

Academic programmes will depend on year group and relative levels of English. For most year groups there is a standard number of subjects, which all pupils study; however, a number of EAL lessons will be arranged according to your level of English. Those joining GCSE or A Level courses are most likely to have had their programmes arranged by the Director of Studies before they arrive at school. If subject choices have not been finalised, pupils should not worry, as Form Tutors will oversee this in the first few days of term.

Most half terms, your parents/guardians will receive a grade card, when all teachers will give effort and academic grades. Form tutors will write comments and outline targets. At the end of the autumn and summer terms, they will receive a full report.

Extra-curricular Activities

There is an extensive programme of clubs, societies and activities, in which all pupils are encouraged to get involved. The aim is for pupils to gain as wide an experience as possible during their time at Lucton. It is hoped that all Luctonians will leave as more interesting people than when they arrived, having been prepared to try a wide variety of activities outside the classroom. Whilst academic studies come first, Lucton endeavours to provide a broad and stimulating environment resulting in genuinely all-round education.