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yanyiHi, I'm Yanyi, and the girl next to me is my younger sister, Kitty, she is in Year 11. I come from Hong Kong and I’m in Year 13 in the Sixth Form at the moment, my last year of school. I have been at Lucton for seven years, I started in Year 7. The reason I chose to come to Lucton was because when I flew over here for a taster day I really enjoyed it. Everyone was really nice and caring.

From time to time I have been homesick, particularly when I think about all my friends back home who can go home after school or at the weekend and I can’t. However, when I do feel like this, I can always go and speak to the house parents or teachers and they always cheer me up and make me feel warm and homely. I’m currently studying law, history and Chemistry for A2 and biology and music for AS. I love law, I just find it so interesting and want to know more about it. I really enjoy history, chemistry and biology as well. Earlier this year I visited Cambridge University, along with three other students from this school, as I would like to continue my studies in an English University.

Apart from studying, I enjoy playing netball and the piano and swimming as well. I passed my Grade 8 piano when I was in Year 10 and have been a swimming captain for three years. When I leave Lucton next year, I am planning to go straight into university to do law and hopefully train to be a lawyer, either a solicitor or a barrister.