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Hello, I’m Marina Hernandez and I’m from Spain. I’m 14 years old so I’m in year 10. I came to Lucton in September to learning English, I’m in Lucton because my brother was here and he really enjoyed being in Lucton School. The first day that I was here I felt alone and very scared because I didn’t know anyone. Also it was quite difficult because it’s a foreign language. I found it difficult explaining myself and sometimes understanding something. The people and teachers helped me to settle into my new school. They were helpful and friendly.

I really like the whole school in general, but sometimes I don’t like the food because it’s really different to Spanish food. I’m happy with the boarding house because I like the guys and the House parents so I really enjoy my time there, playing table tennis, pool, chatting in the computers... We have a lot of fun! At the weekends we go shopping, ice skating, go to the cinema, and a lot more activities that I’m really pleased with.

In the school we can choose some subjects and I have chosen History, Business Studies and Geography. They are quiet difficult for me, but I think that with these ones I’m going to learn more English, because I have to work hard and study to do my best in them. My favourite subject is English EFL, because it’s really helpful for me, I’m learning a lot of things in it, and also if I’ve got a question or I’ve got a problem in the other subjects I can ask.

In sports, On Wednesdays I normally do hockey and on Fridays football it sounds really strange, one girl playing football, but in Spain the girls have a lot of fun playing football and we play in our free time, so that’s why I chose football, I really enjoy my time playing it. My hobbies are skiing, playing basketball, playing football, meeting friends, surfing the net and also listening to music. In the future I would like to be a lawyer or something like that, because I’m really interested in the laws and in the rights of the citizens in the world. So I’ll go to the university and study this and find a job, helping people who need help.