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lorenzHi, my name is Lorenz and I come from a town in Western Germany. I came to England last year and completed my A levels here. I enjoyed my time at Lucton mixing both social and academic activities. As I was a full time boarder, I was often in the boarding house on the weekends, where I participated in a number of weekend activities such as canoeing and paintballing. Also on the weekends, I spent time with English friends which I made at the school. I enjoyed travelling to other places in England and seeing more of the country. I have learnt to play rugby and began to enjoy the sport, taking part in matches against other schools. It was great fun!

In the evenings there are events set up for the sixth formers, such as dinners, meals out and bowling, this allows the sixth form to enjoy an evening away from work! At the weekends I also enjoyed spending time in the pub. During my time at Lucton, I saw great improvements in my English and now feel very confident speaking it. There were very few Germans at the school which meant that I didn’t get many opportunities to speak German. This further improved my English.