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jolinMy name in Jolin, I am Chinese. I’m 17 years old and in year 13 in the Sixth Form. I have a good friend here and I came to Lucton for the Sixth Form and I am in my second year. Because of the good education I came to England to study. I think it has improved my English. At Lucton School students come from different countries and we all speak English.

When I first came to Lucton School I felt very lonely. I could only talk to my friend Crystal because I was afraid of speaking English. I think the most difficult thing about studying in a foreign country is the language. At first I hardly understood what the teacher said in class but now I am used to it and comprehension is much easier. At school everyone is nice and friendly.

My teachers and house parents all have helped me a lot to settle into my new school. Last year when I first came, I didn’t like the food and I only ate a little but now I am used to it. I like the school life; it’s wonderful and interesting. I really enjoy Boarding House life. I think it is one big family. The house parents are amicable. At the weekends we go shopping, I love buying new clothes. I also catch up on my studies and do sports which I really enjoy.