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English for Speakers of Other Languages

There are currently over 35 international students at Lucton School who do not speak English as their first language. Overseas pupils who study here are expected to have a good level of spoken and written English. Young people come from all over the world to study at Lucton, and they receive a very warm welcome. They are fully included in the academic, sports and social programmes. There are many opportunities for leadership and a number will rise to the status of prefect or even Head or Deputy Head Boy/Girl.

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Many students find that the level of English required for GCSE, AS and A2 exams is very high, and that they need some extra help with their schoolwork. Overseas students in lower years often have one-to-one or small group lessons a few times a week, in order to improve their English, before they go on to become fluent and confident. Although it takes a little while to settle in and get used to life in a different country, they are usually among our most successful pupils, and achieve very good exam results. A fully qualified EFL teacher, with a great deal of experience of teaching overseas students, is available to provide support, advice and encouragement for international pupils. 

The EFL teacher, with the help of subject teachers and heads of department, organises extra lessons for students who require them. These lessons build the student’s vocabulary, listening skills, improve spoken English, and develop written work. The lessons are designed to be friendly and communicative, encouraging pupils to speak as much English as possible.

Personal Profiles

Each student has a special ‘Personal Profile’ which is written by the Head of EFL. It describes their ability, strengths and areas for development. All the subject teachers, tutors and house parents receive a copy of this for their information. Students are set targets such as ‘Improve pronunciation’ or ‘Improve formal written English’, which they work on during the school year.

Many students take specialised ESOL exams such as IELTS, and the English IGCSE, which help them to gain university places. The IELTS exam is the most popular and useful at the moment, and many universities ask for a grade 6 or above. Lucton School international pupils do very well in this exam.

The EFL Department makes sure that every student at Lucton School is a happy and successful one, and is able to reach his or her maximum potential in every area of the curriculum.