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The Sound of Music at Lucton SchoolThe Sound of Music

There is always music happening at Lucton and the Middle School treated us to a fantastic production of ‘The Sound of Music’. All of the Middle School were involved and there was further support from a few seniors in key roles, particularly Klara Tenhagen as von Trapp and a tremendous performance from Maddie Lewis as Maria. Both the acting and the singing were fantastic and Mrs Waters, Mrs Sharman and Mr Wall are to be congratulated for their part in bringing us such a polished production.

Again we saw just how well the stage crew manage numerous scene changes and Mrs Painter-Black’s team did a great job in creating the backdrop. Mrs Duberley oversaw the costumes and makeup and the lighting and sound crew did a marvellous job. Huge thanks, as ever, to everyone involved on and back stage!

A fantastic production of 'Annie'

Annie 2017It was a real treat to see the Middle and Senior School production of Annie, which they performed to four audiences. They started with a preview on Tuesday, seen by most of the Prep School and on Thursday morning, played for three visiting primary schools, with the parents having their opportunity on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. It is fair to say it just got better with each performance and Thursday night had such energy and the singing wasn’t just good, it was loud and clear.

The American accents held up throughout, the costumes were stunning and with clever minor tweaks, the set took us through a wide range of locations. Well done to Mrs Waters and a huge team (there were over sixty pupils in the cast!), which also included some excellent staff performances. Another ten or so pupils were backstage for technical support whilst staff and parents helped with the set, costumes, props and support. Whilst there are far too many people to name, with this being a musical, we must thank Mr Wall, who provided an incredibly high standard of musical accompaniment single-handed throughout the performances. Well done to everyone!