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2nd Go Karting June 2017 web1At the weekend, houseparents organise and accompany boarders on varied activities depending on the number of boarders and the weather. Boarders have the opportunity to stock up on supplies at the local supermarket or on an organised shopping trip.

Other activities may include: bowling, areas of historical interest, swimming, walking or outdoor pursuits e.g. paintballing, mountain biking, go karting, kayaking, sports. Houseparents always look out for local events and attractions and boarders are encouraged to make suggestions themselves.

Pupils who wish to access areas of the main school must seek permission. The Sixth Form may use the Sixth Form Common Room, work area and library.

Boarders are able to access the internet in the Boarding House and the necessary software is in place to ensure that inappropriate material cannot be viewed or downloaded. Newspapers and magazines are delivered daily to the Boarding House and there is a television.