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Lucton is a great school for boarding. All of the school's sports facilities are easily available for use by the boarders in evenings and at weekends. The ethos of boarding at Lucton is based on care for the individual and houseparents treat each individual as they would their own child and decisions are made in the best interests of the pupils.

2nd Full boarding At Lucton School we aim:

  • To develop the whole person;
  • To produce an open and trusting atmosphere in which each boarder feels respected as an individual;
  • To provide the conditions for boarders to develop their intellectual talents through well-structured prep conditions, access to staff and other pupils, participation in activities and an atmosphere which values effort;
  • To provide a range of activities, hobbies and opportunities that will assist in the personal, cultural and social development of each boarder;
  • To develop boarders’ responsibility for self, for others and for his/her environment;
  • To develop boarders’ qualities for leadership and ability to work as part of, or within a team;
  • To provide suitable accommodation having due regard to adequate levels of privacy.