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The Sixth Form at Lucton represents an exceptional opportunity for students to excel. Excellent teachers are dedicated to providing the best possible Sixth Form education and are uniquely placed to personalise programmes of study and tuition, to meet the specific needs and requirements of each student.

Maximising academic potential

Tuition takes place in extremely small groups, ensuring that all students achieve their full potential and enhance their chances of entering the university of their choice. Holistic in our approach, we endeavour to develop the skills, talents and personal qualities of every student who joins us, enabling each to discover and fulfil his or her potential. With regard to options, we are able to offer considerable latitude and aim to be both flexible and inclusive in accommodating a wide range of individual subject choices. You can view the full list of A level subjects here.

A safe environment

6th Girls at frontLucton’s idyllic rural environment offers a secure and protective learning haven, with a happy, friendly atmosphere and few distractions. Our students are provided with strong academic and pastoral structures throughout their transition from school to university life; at every stage we consult with parents in setting academic targets and carefully monitoring student welfare and progress. We aim to achieve a balance between the more rigid structures of school life and the impending university experience, where the ability to handle a far greater degree of personal freedom and independence will be essential.

Developing life skills – sixth form tutorial in progress

Sixth Formers at Lucton enjoy their own facilities for private study and recreation. The Sixth Form Centre has wireless internet access throughout. In extending horizons and carving out a successful future, sixth form students are encouraged to make use of the extensive information housed in their own dedicated library and to seek advice from our highly qualified and experienced tutors. Lucton’s Sixth Form is not only concerned with meeting the aspirations of the individual: relationships, good manners and a healthy respect for others are also core values.

Breadth of experience

sixth form tutorialSport and extra-curricular activities are also an important feature of Sixth Form life. The chance to be involved in both Music and Drama is available to all: musicians are encouraged and assisted to study their instruments. There is ample opportunity for individuals to develop a personal portfolio of skills, either at Lucton School or through local clubs, in the following: badminton, ballet, cross-country running, dance, fitness training, golf, horse riding, rugby, squash, swimming and tennis.

Leadership Opportunities

Students have the chance to develop and mature in the Sixth Form environment. Those who show leadership potential may be appointed as prefects or take other positions of responsibility such as Head of Boarding, Deputy Head Boy/Girl Head Boy/Girl. These leadership opportunities provide essential life-skills and are also useful for CVs.

“The Sixth Form at Lucton brings out the very best in the students and provides an excellent preparation for life beyond school – an outstanding educational opportunity.”