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Chaplain at PrioryThe Religious Studies Department at Lucton aims to teach our pupils how people of faith approach the key issues of life. The course encourages pupils to draw on their own life experiences, as well as the teachings of their own and other faiths, to benefit them throughout their lives. All pupils take Religious Studies from Reception to Year 9, in a course that begins by learning the stories of Christianity, and moves on to cover the teachings and traditions of the major religions of the world. By Year 9, pupils have moved on to begin examining basic religious philosophy (‘Does God exist?’) and ethics (‘Can it ever be right to kill another person?)

For those pupils who dare to go further, the GCSE course follows the OCR examination syllabus as either a “Short Course” (equivalent to half a GCSE) or the “Full Course”. This fascinating course studies the philosophy and ethics of Christianity and one other major faith. The AS and A2 courses also follow the OCR examination syllabus. Whilst AS follows on from the GCSE, the ‘A level courses can be followed without experience of the GCSE course. The syllabus includes studies of philosophy and ethics from the Ancient Greeks to Dawkins, and all stations in between!

The department aims to make the study of Religion fun, interesting and rewarding. The department is well-resourced, it has a well-situated classroom with audio visual equipment and religious artefacts to enable a multi-sensory approach to what remains a challenging and fascinating field of study.