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Psychology permeates everything we do and, by studying it, we become conscious of our behaviours and their motivations which we all experience in our lives. Practically this means that we are able to understand ourselves better and, perhaps, modify behaviours which may affect our functioning better as humans. That said, psychology is a fascinating subject in itself which allows the development of broader thinking skills in terms of evaluating different theories and approaches. The evolutionary perspective, for example, examines the role of our innate drive to survive as a species on our modern behaviour. Alternatively, the psychodynamic approach explores the role of the unconscious and our childhood experiences on our adult behaviour.

Sixth form studying web 1aFor students, psychology is immediately relevant to their own experiences and much of our classwork is discussion based. At A level, simply learning theories and concepts is insufficient and must be coupled with the evaluation and application of knowledge to real life scenarios.

At Lucton, we are fortunate in having the Nursery as a site for the observation of childhood development and behaviour, both aspects of A level study. We also have guest speakers and students conduct research using members of the school population as our participants.

Psychology is a useful subject to study for a variety of careers, from teaching to advertising, from sports coaching to nursing. At a minimum, the study of psychology improves our social functioning by enabling us to understand how both we and others tick.