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Mathematics is the ultimate creative pursuit. Mathematicians create and explore abstract worlds, seeking elegance, pattern and beauty. It is the primary tool of modern science and technology. It has been studied for millennia, for practical and ‘poetic’ reasons.

At Lucton we strive to provide a strong foundation of mathematical skills for all our students and to realise the potential of each individual. Work is undertaken both with and without calculators and all students are encouraged to stretch themselves. We use the Collins New Maths Frameworking series in the lower years and all our students will start the Edexcel GCSE course in Year 9. The more able students are given the option to sit the OCR Additional Mathematics examination. This stand-alone qualification expands on the GCSE course.

Sixth classroom

Many of our students go on to sit A-Level Mathematics. We follow the Edexcel course and students study a mixture of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Some individuals opt to study Further Mathematics, which provides a very thorough foundation for university-level study in Mathematics or related subjects and we have an individual programme to help them achieve success in this demanding subject.

Beyond the curriculum: we give students access to the “Mymaths” website and they are encouraged to use this for additional practice; in Years 7 through to 13 our more able students sit the UK Mathematics Challenge papers, which are devised to further the mathematical development of young people; we run a Mathematics clinic, which caters for students requiring extra help for homework, and stretches the more able students with problems and tasks, particularly from the Nrich website; and finally we offer students from Year 11 upwards the chance to go to a ‘maths inspiration’ day, which aims to inspire teenagers with guest speakers live, in big venues, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world situations.