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It is hard to describe Environmental Studies without sounding like the start of a David Attenborough series!

The AS course considers our planet; we learn about the structure of living and non-living components of our planet and the interactions between them that make it perfect for life on earth. It is this interdependence that forms the rationale for conservation. We look at the different ways we can protect and manage our environment, particularly those habitats and organisms most at risk, both in the UK and abroad.

Sixth formers env studies

The A2 course covers how we use and abuse our planet and considers how we can, and need to, change the impact of energy production and pollution on our environment. Finally, we look to the future and consider ways in which we can use the resources our planet provides us with in a sustainable way that ensures their availability for future generations.

Whilst practical skills are taught there is no formal assessment of practical work.

1. ENVS1 Jan/June 40% AS  20% Alevel 1hour written exam
2. ENVS2 Jan/June 60% AS  30% Alevel 1½hour written exam
3. ENVS3 June 25% Alevel 1½hour written exam
4. ENVS4 June 25% Alevel 2hour written exam