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As an English student, you’ll study literature, language, culture, history, and you will also develop your creative writing skills. In the lower years at Lucton, pupils study a wide variety of genres and authors, from poetry to prose and Shakespeare to Carol Ann Duffy.

Library Sixth formEnglish Language allows pupils to investigate and analyse language and to experiment and use language creatively. Assessment covers speaking and listening skills, creative and analytical writing, and reading of literary and non-literary texts, both through controlled assessment and examination. A grade C in English Language GCSE is essential for many university courses and professions.

The English Literature course allows pupils to experience a range of Literature with a wide variety of appeal drawn from contemporary and modern texts, texts from across the globe and texts which have had a significant influence on our English literary and cultural heritage.

English can also be taken as an individual subject. This course is most suitable for those who wish to explore a range of literary and language topics and skills but who do not wish to take two separate GCSEs in English Language and English Literature.

A Level English Literature will develop your enjoyment and appreciation of literature through the study of a variety of genres and authors. We encourage our Sixth Form to read and research widely and students have the opportunity for independent learning having much autonomy over their text choices. Furthermore, in addition to the more traditional essay, pupils can write in a creative style whilst considering playwrights’ crafting of several texts.