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1 classroomBusiness Studies and Economics are important subjects in a number of ways. At present, our economy provides us with a good context for learning, allowing students to understand the business, economic, political, spiritual and cultural world in which we live. Moreover, Business Studies and Economics provide a compelling dialogue that is capable of engaging people of all ages and interests.

Above all, however, there is an opportunity to gain intellectual and academic training. It is necessary for students to identify, analyse and evaluate data, and reach independent judgements in order to answer complex questions, which then have to be communicated clearly, coherently and convincingly.

From Year 10 onwards, Business Studies and Economics are offered at GSCE and Economics at A level. We look at local, national and international issues and aim to get perspectives on each area of interest. At all stages, discussion and debate are strongly encouraged during lessons, and students are invited to explore and communicate their understanding of Business Studies and Economics in many ways. The work is further enlightened by trips to places as diverse as the Worcester Rugby Club, a fruit growing co-operative in Leominster and, in the Sixth Form, cultural centres such as London, to see the Bank of England Museum and the London School of Economics. Expectations are high and students have a whole new world of ideas to challenge and inspire them. It is hoped that many will go on to study these subjects at University.