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Art at Lucton encompasses a broad range of disciplines and skills. Currently GCSEs and A Levels are available in Art and Design, Graphics and Textiles.

In the lower years, skills are developed which prepare pupils for the demands of the GCSE syllabus, should they wish to choose it as an option in Year 10, but which also bolster self-confidence by encouraging creativity.

Experimentation is encouraged throughout the years in Art and pupils are able to explore a range of techniques from batik to photo manipulation, from 3D modelling to pencil drawing.

Olli art

In Years 6 to 9, pupils follow a syllabus covering broad topics such as line, form, perspective and colour. From this they develop a range of skills which may be utilised in Year 10 when, at GCSE, pupils work on individually tailored projects and are tutored on an individual basis.

At A Level, pupils follow the AQA specification and explore a particular artist of their choosing as a starting point for their own creative work.

Pupils work in a dedicated Art room, where work by both current and past students is displayed. This has proved beneficial in raising standards in all pupils’ work.

Lucton students have the opportunity to join a cultural trip each year. This year we visited Florence and last year, Rome. We are keen to encourage collaboration with other departments such as our recent cross-curricular work with the History department on Roman mosaics. The Art and Drama departments also work closely on the theatre productions which take place twice a year in the Senior School.