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PierrepontLucton School was founded in 1708, by John Pierrepont, who was born in Lucton. He was a very successful vintner in London and a member of the Vintners Company. The building of Lucton School was only one of his good works and he also contributed significantly to St Bartholomews Hospital in London.

The school was originally a day school just for boys and over the years became a boarding school. In the late 1960s, the decdision was made to allow girls to enter the school and now the balance is approximately 50% each of girls and boys.

The school has also grown in terms of age range and Lucton's nursery now takes babies from the age of six months, after which, we take care of the schooling right through until they leave Lucton for university.

In 2011, the school bought the stables across the road from the main building and in 2015/16 a further 22 acres of land was also purchased.

With 355 pupils on the registers in 2018 and 90 boarders, the school is close to the largest it has ever been.