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The Governors have overall responsibility for the School. The Governors appoint the Head, who is responsible for the direction of the School within a broad approved framework. The Governors also, appoint the Bursar, who has particular responsibility for the School’s finances and premises. Meetings of the Board of Governors take place once each term, with an additional strategy meeting in the Autumn Term.

The key areas of focus for the Governors include:

  • Ethos of School
  • Long term strategy
  • Key property decisions
  • Major financial decisions (for example agreement of budget, fee increases)
  • Overall academic performance
  • Structural issues regarding recruitment and reward of teachers
  • Appointment of Head and Governors.
  • Two Sub-Committees meet each term:

Finance & General Purposes Committee, which is concerned with all financial matters relating to the school, including salary structures, and major operational matters requiring governor input e.g. development of school buildings and facilities, and health and safety matters.

Education Committee, which oversees educational policy, the quality of teaching and learning, with a particular emphasis on academic standards, educational resources and academic policies between the two parts of the school.

The present Governing Body comprises:

Chairman: Dr Tony Paterson
Deputy Chairman: Peter Morris

Mark Boobbyer
Andrew Furniss
Andrew Miles
Simon Sherrey
Richard Tovey, Cert.Ed.

Clerk: Emma Ervine

Company Secretary: Paul Thorne BA (hons), DipM, MCIM

The address for correpondance to the Chair of Governors is c/o Lucton Pierrepont School Educational Trust, Lucton School, Herefordshire, HR6 9PN.