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Here is an update following the change in the government’s position on schools and the closure from this weekend.

As we have a number of parents who are key workers, from the nursery, right up the age range, Lucton will remain open to look after their children and any vulnerable children. The Nursery and the School will also remain open through the Easter holidays to support the key workers. Will those parents in this category please contact us, as soon as possible, regarding attendance and if they require school transport.

For everyone else, the teaching staff will remain available during normal term-time and will be constantly in touch, delivering lessons and support via specific apps and emails. Pupils and parents will also be able to phone the school to request a call-back from the teachers as needed.

We also have a small number of international students still with us, so the catering will continue at school for staff, those pupils who need to be with us and the boarders.

Those in the exam years will be particularly supported as we do not yet know the exact details of how they are going to be marked in readiness for the next stage in their education without exams. Mr Goode has drafted a separate letter for students in the exam years outlining some of the issues and detailing the nature of continuing support that will be available, particularly if some sort of moderation is required in agreeing grades for the pupils concerned.

Lucton School, a day school and boarding school for girls and boys aged from 6 months to 18 years old, set in beautiful rural Herefordshire. A great route to the best UK universities.

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An outstanding educational opportunity...

An outstanding educational opportunity...